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The wait on each custom order will differ depending on availability of materials and demand for orders. Each individual order will be given an approximate delivery date on confirmation from Please allow 2-5 working days delivery after final confirmation date of each order submitted.

Firstly reference which bag style you like followed with the colour way you wish to inquire about. Note all specifications i.e. size of each style remain the same for custom orders. All bags have a genuine, adjustable leather strap 32mm wide with solid brass hardware. georgiajay works with rabbit fur, hare fur, and possum fur products. each fur is different to the next and is also subject to availability. Each fur is matched and fitted well to the bag designed.

Due to each bag been individually hand crafted and designed according to condition of the raw materials each bag has it's own natural inperfections.

Any further design specifications requested are of the discretion of georgiajay.

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